How To Donate To Green Belt Challenge

Our aim is to spread donations out across Aireborough so everyone feels able to contribute as so many people care deeply about the current plans, and the ANDF is a community organization. The basic appeal is for £10 from 4,000 people.  We welcome larger amounts,  and many people do give more than £10; that is their personal decision and very much appreciated by residents – everything helps and keeps up momentum, which is encouraging.

Donations Can Be Made

Local Giving  – the advantage here is that if people are tax payers they can gift aid it and we get 25% more on the donation.  The mechanism allows for annoynmous giving and you get a receipt of donation.  Link is here  This is a special appeal site and bottom left of the page people can view the amount raised overall to date both on an offline.

Cheque or Cash to – Cheque made payable to Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum. Sent to The Treasurer, ANDF, 2 The Sycamores, Guiseley, West Yorkshire LS20 9EN   Many people are putting either their name or simply an address on the envelope which is used to record the donation and date given for accounts.

Bank Transfer – Please email for Yorkshire Bank account details. This is recorded on our bank statement by sender, so again it can be properly recorded against the appeal.

Pledges   If you would like to pledge a larger donation which we can draw on when needed then we have a pledge letter for to complete and return.   Email  ANDF, Vice Chair, Lynda Kitching, who is looking after pledges. These can be returned to Lynda at 37 Shaw Lane Gardens, Guiseley, West Yorkshire LS20 9JQ

Finally, Darren Sanderson Photography, who has done an enormous amount of work for the Aireborough Landscape Project is selling packs of his 12 greeting card landscapes with a £5 donation to the Green Belt Appeal with every pack. Details here.

We would like to thank everyone who has made a donation so far. And also all our leaflet deliverers who are spreading the word across Aireborough. If you would like to help deliver leaflets contact Organizational Secretary, Liz Kirkpatrick on

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