Aireborough Site Allocations Development Plan Documents

site-allocations-rotatorBelow  are the most important documents for Aireborough from the Leeds City Council Site Allocations Consultation.  These documents are also available from the Leeds City website

Letter from Leeds City Council to residents on the consultation process

Volume 1 – Overview of the Site Allocations Plan

Volume 2a – Site Allocation Proposals for Aireborough

Volume 2b – Maps of Site Allocations for housing, retail, employment and green space in Aireborough

Aireborough Green Space Provision Report

Leeds Executive Board Report 9th May – Request to start Site Allocations Consultation Process

Below are the documents produced from the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum’s Research and Local Events

ANF Response to Leeds Consultation on the Local Development Framework February 2013

ANF Draft Vision for the Neighbourhood Development Plan April 2013

ANF Synthesis of All Research Data on Living in Aireborough –  Issue and Improvements May 2013